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Sales Growth


9 ways to
Capture | Compel | Close
Your Target Client

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9 Ways to Capture | Compel | Close Your Target Client.

    Knightsbridge is a B2B revenue growth firm with a proven methodology in brand development and sales growth. Our tailored services bridge the gap between marketing and sales, empowering businesses to achieve revenue targets and enhance their brand identity.
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    Our Services

    All our services are based on our proven methodology to best Capture | Compel | Close (CCC) your sales prospects.


    CCC Foundations: This powerful service efficiently assesses and recommends improvements to your current sales collateral and marketing systems to drive sales growth. These recommendations are made in an actionable report or workshop setting. In addition, we offer a done-with-you Advisory Board Program that brings decades of experience providing deep insights into the challenges you’re facing with three monthly meetings to deliver better results quickly.


    CCC Asset Build-Out: Let us take the burden of improving your sales & marketing collateral off your shoulders. For clients who have an opportunity, or a challenge, that requires a quick response such as a marketing funnel page, sales proposal, new brand identity, video, and alike, we offer an extensive menu of New Sales Messaging & Identity assets across all consequential sales touchpoints. These new sales assets are specifically designed to supercharge your sales conversion success.


    CCC Sales Growth & Development Programs: Our three tailored programs are designed to help you achieve success at each stage of your sales funnel- top, middle, and bottom. These programs deploy a new range of evidence-based sales tools calibrated to increase engagement, sales velocity, and conversion rates. 


    Investor Presentation: If you are looking for the most effective, appealing, and result-driven way to display an investment opportunity and influence an investment decision – look no further than Knightsbridge®.

    Knightsbridge Methodology

    Our core Capture Compel Close Methodology is customized and calibrated to each client’s unique needs to drive a clear sales revenue increase. This methodology is tested on prospective clients to garner real-time feedback so that we can refine and have confidence knowing it’s working as intended.

    We hear you, you need results now.

    Here is a sample of our past client successes:

    • 83% Increase in revenue
    • 22% Increase in closing ratio
    • 32% Decrease in time-to-close ratio
    • 411% Increase in product demos
    • 112% Growth in sales from existing customers
    • $40m Funding secured
    • 22% Oversubscribed
    • x2 Doubling of Institutional Investors
    • Approved on Tier 1 Broker-Dealer Platform
    Thank you to the entire Knightsbridge team for a wonderful job on our sales development. Knightsbridge did a wonderful job of understanding our project, its history and its modern aesthetic, and translated all of this in a vernacular that is fresh, exciting and relatable to our target demographic. Thank you for a job very well done!
    - Joseph Soleiman, Director of Acquisitions & General Counsel, ICO Group