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9 Ways to Capture | Compel | Close Your Target Client.

    Capture | Compel | Close

    Knightsbridge® is a B2B sales growth
    and development firm that specializes in
    just one thing: increase sales revenue.
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    Our Services


    Sales Growth & Development: A comprehensive 12-month partnership that takes you through 5 phases using our proven Capture | Compel | Close methodology aimed to assess, optimize, build, launch and monetize your sales systems and collateral. Some of the results you can expect are: increased sales revenue, closing ratios, average revenue per account, and more.


    Capture | Compel | Close Workshop: A 5-hour live virtual workshop to go through exercises in assessing and recommending enhancements to your sale and marketing systems. In addition, we provide tactical deliverables in the form of a new elevator pitch, new UVP descriptors, and digital sales collateral improvement recommendations.


    Sales Engagement Triage: For clients who have an opportunity or a challenge that requires a quick response, we offer an extensive a-la-carte menu of sales and marketing assets such as new websites and sales presentations.


    Investor Presentation: If you are looking for the most effective, appealing, and result-driven way to display an investment opportunity and influence an investment decision – look no further than Knightsbridge®.

    B2B Sales Growth and Development Firm | Knightsbridge

    How do we increase revenue? By combining our 11-year brand development expertise in influencing buying decisions with our proven Capture. Check our Sales Growth and development Firm.

    We hear you. You need results, now.

    Growing a B2B business is difficult under the best of circumstances. During a pandemic, it’s downright herculean. Stop struggling to prioritize the dynamics of the new normal. Knightsbridge® is your revenue growth partner.

    Now is the time to reimagine your offering. Reinvent your processes. Reinvigorate your team.

    Here is a sample of our past client successes:

    • 83% Increase in revenue
    • 22% Increase in closing ratio
    • 32% Decrease in time-to-close ratio
    • 411% Increase in product demos
    • 112% Growth in sales from existing customers
    • $40m Funding secured
    • 22% Oversubscribed
    • x2 Doubling of Institutional Investors
    • Approved on Tier 1 Broker-Dealer Platform
    Thank you to the entire Knightsbridge team for a wonderful job on our sales development. Knightsbridge did a wonderful job of understanding our project, its history and its modern aesthetic, and translated all of this in a vernacular that is fresh, exciting and relatable to our target demographic. Thank you for a job very well done!
    - Joseph Soleiman, Director of Acquisitions & General Counsel, ICO Group