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Virgin Unite

Virgin Unite


What do you do when you’re visiting Richard Branson’s private island, and scheduled to speak right after the man himself? Nadeem Kassam, Silicon Valley’s health-tech authority, enlisted us to create a presentation that would impress this influential Necker Island’s Virgin Unite audience and help launch his speaking career.

The Virgin Unite talk focused in on the quantified-self movement and the rise of health tech. The objective was to secure interest by world renowned influencers and garner investment interest in the project.

The phases



Sales & Marketing Assessment Report, Pre-Sale | Sale | Post-Sale Touchpoints, Buyer Intelligence, Competitor Shopping


Sales Go-To-Market Playbook, New Lean-Data Sales & Marketing Dashboard, New Revenue Opportunities, New Sales Deck


NEW Unified Marketing & Sales Story Messaging Assets, Sales DNA Standard Operating Procedure, Custom Sales Collateral Creation, Final Approved Assets Tested & Refined


Pre-Launch Marketing & Sales Training, New Sales Assets Testing & Refinement, Post-Launch Internal & External User Adoption Report.

Monetize, measure & refine

Lean-Data KPI Dashboard Monitoring, Sales-Growth Analysis, Hands-on Sales Activity Support, Monthly Sales Recommendations Report. Quarterly Sales Campaigns, and Team Workshops.
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This scenario was unique in that we were approached in an emergency situation as a San Francisco agency dropped the ball on the initial assignment and client needed a new fresh and strategic approach to the content and respective presentation.

An assessment report was furnished reflecting our research on various content components that were missing as well as a recommendation to zoom out and first discuss health tech trends as a whole then zoom into the innovations that our client was leading. Understanding the mindset and interests of this particular audience was a critical element in calibrating the best possible presentation for high relevancy and impact.



Content as revised, rehearsed, and optimized for best story arch following Sir Richard’s talk- as we were notified that our client will be following the host’s kickoff speech. No pressure though.



A comprehensive package was built to both address the visual presentation design that the audience will see, as well as the speaking notes that our client will have to embody in order to best frame each idea, representation, and health tech information shared with the audience.

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After rehearsals and conference calls day’s before the big day, our client had the tools needed to deliver a world-class presentation to an extremely high profile audience.


measure & refine

Sir Richard Branson was a tough act to follow, but our client made a big impression. Investment interest was generated as planned. Following the event, the director of TEDx (attendee) asked Nadeem to give a presentation at the TEDx flagship conference in Texas. He agreed, of course, and that first speech has led to health tech speaking engagements across the country.

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