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My Cast

My Cast


MyCast is the only patented media technology platform that allows for broadcasting online users live in HD onto their favorite national television gameshow. This European client had a breakthrough in media technology; where online users can use their webcams and go on live television in HD in real time to be included in various shows that support this kind of format.

They needed a sales presentation to secure a technology licensing deal with major US media networks. We were hired on to build out the winning sales presentation which resulted in MyCast securing a licensing agreement with P. Diddy’s REVOLT TV. MyCast’s technology served as the backbone for the nation’s first real-time interactive TV station.

The phases



Sales & Marketing Assessment Report, Pre-Sale | Sale | Post-Sale Touchpoints, Buyer Intelligence, Competitor Shopping


Sales Go-To-Market Playbook, New Lean-Data Sales & Marketing Dashboard, New Revenue Opportunities, New Sales Deck


NEW Unified Marketing & Sales Story Messaging Assets, Sales DNA Standard Operating Procedure, Custom Sales Collateral Creation, Final Approved Assets Tested & Refined


Pre-Launch Marketing & Sales Training, New Sales Assets Testing & Refinement, Post-Launch Internal & External User Adoption Report.

Monetize, measure & refine

Lean-Data KPI Dashboard Monitoring, Sales-Growth Analysis, Hands-on Sales Activity Support, Monthly Sales Recommendations Report. Quarterly Sales Campaigns, and Team Workshops.
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In more ways than one, it was our job to translate. Our “studio audiences” included engineers, sure, but MyCast would be pitching to a number of not-so-tech-savvy business executives. With a better understanding of what both audiences would relate best to, we could create a far more effective presentation.

An assessment report was delivered which reflected our research on the licensee decision makers, as well as learnings from past meetings with CBS and ABC studio executives.



The client’s existing sales presentation was calibrated for an engineer to best understand the technology’s technical capabilities. An entire revamp was needed to go through a sales story and focus in on the end licensee’s new capabilities and what it meant to the end brand, rather than highlight how amazing our client’s technology is.



After defining the brand DNA, a new brand identity suite and sales-driven presentation was written, designed, and delivered to our client for use in upcoming licensee meetings with major TV studio executives.

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portfolio item
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We worked closely with the MyCast team to rehearse the presentation and overcoming various sales objections that could result from various viewpoints about the business model and technology.


measure & refine

MyCast secured it’s first exclusive licensing agreement with P. Diddy’s REVOLT TV, and its technology served as the backbone for the nation’s first real-time interactive TV station.

REVOLT TV made its LA and NYC debuts leading with 2 shows that showcased MyCast’s full technology feature set to an audience of 3 million viewers.

  • 1st exclusive deal with P. Diddy’s REVOLT TV
  • 3 million viewers
"I had the privilege of working with Knightsbridge on a very challenging tech project. The goal was to bring one of my companies from Europe, rebrand it, and relaunch it in the US market. Knightsbridge effectively guided me through this process with data, insights, and an extraordinary amount of competence. Their sensibility and background were the perfect combination to help us understand the cultural differences between the two markets, and they have been able to guide the team smoothly through the transition. Knightsbridge’s work went far above and beyond our expectations and the final result has positively impacted our global strategy. On a personal level, Sam Saddigh is a fantastic human being and fun to be around. I strongly recommend him and the Knightsbridge team. Their work went far above and beyond our expectations. I strongly recommended Sam Saddigh and the Knightsbridge team."
Gabriele Gresta, CEO
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